Beach House

  • Beach House

In this wonderful home, we had the opportunity to create a whole house audio video system which was not only easy to use, but fully featured.

The Cinema Room consisted of James Loudspeakers installed behind a woven cinema screen, creating an excellent sound field with plenty of deep bass.

In the main living room we had a front speaker custom made to fit into the mantel under the TV, with an overhead sub-woofer and surround speakers.

The main instruction from the client was to acheive a system that sounded great but had little impact on the interior design of the home.

All rooms were controlled by touch screen remote controls, allowing use of all electronics housed in a central joinery area.


I have to say the best investment I've put into my home has been the AV and total Home Theatre package supplied by Scott Sauer at The Digital Picture.

His service level and attention to detail is absolutely outstanding and he made the whole process an easy and stress free experience.

Thanks Scott for turning our house into the top level home entertainment complex I've been dreaming about for the last ten years.

Wow, how good is that sound!!



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