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What Makes A Good Home Cinema?

Did you know that all Home Cinemas are not equal to each other? This is due to number of factors such as components, room design, room acoustics, speakers and subwoofer placements, the design of the projection, quality of the installation techniques, audio...
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New Home Theatre Seating from Cogworks Design

We are proud to officially introduce a new lineup of luxury home theatre seating, the “Studio” “Dorne” and Cruise”. These ranges are now available at The Digital Picture and are on display at our showroom. We have gone to extraordinary lengths to...
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Physical Media or Digital?

With the closures of many cinemas during Covid-19, many movie lovers have had to resort to having their cinema experience at home. But thankfully movie buffs in 2020 are spoilt with content. There are multiple streaming platforms now available with the press...
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Why are there so many HDMI Cables!

Have you ever wondered why some HDMI cables can be so cheap and others seem so much more expensive? Does the price tag of a great quality HDMI cable really have a large impact in a theatre system?  The short answer from...
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