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Digital Signage and Video Walls

As we all know, technology changes fast and one area that has advanced faster than most is the digital signage industry.

In days gone by the only options for shopfront display were vinyl stickers or fixed image light boxes.  Now with the lower cost of large screen LED displays and the availablility of media streaming devices, Digital Signage is now here and booming.

Digital Signage and large format Video Wall displays offer several advantages in a retail environment such as:

1.  Bright, clear and moving video content that grabs the attention of shoppers.

2.  The ability to update the advertising content regularly via PC.

3.  Video walls.  You can make one long display that is 4 or 5 screens wide and have video content moving along an entire wall of a store.

4.  Shoppers respond better to video content that puts them in the middle of the action and helps them imagine themselves using your product or service.

5.  You can say more with video content as it is not restricted to just a single frame.

It is not only retail stores that can benefit from digital signage.  Restaurants can use them for daily menu boards.  Pubs and hotels can display up-coming events and competition information in a format that is engaging.  The opportunities are endless and the product is very flexible and capable to be modified for your individual needs.  The Gold Coast is a very busy tourist destination and digital signage may be just what your business needs to stand out.

Video walls offer many advantages over a single fixed screen in that they can be completely customised in size and aspect ratio.  The video content can then be made to suit the size of the wall, with either 1080p HD video content or even Ultra HD 4K video content.

At The Digital Picture we have the knowledge and skills to put the right solution together for your business.  We are experienced in providing complete digital signage solutions and large video walls across the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.  Please contact us now at the bottom of this page and we get help you generate more business with digital signage technology today.

P.S.  This is a photo of our team setting up a 2×2 (4 screen) video wall at a shopfitting factory prior to being sent to site for assembly.  All screens are tested and calibrated for colour accuracy so that each panel matches the others when installed on the wall.

And the finished product!

Gold Coast Digital Signage and Video Walls are available now.

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