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Grab Your Popcorn! “Acurus Muse” has landed!


The Digital Picture is proud to announce the latest high-end product from Acurus.  This new product is now in our showroom at The Digital Picture!


If you’re not familiar with Acurus as a brand, allow us to give you an introduction.  Not only are Acurus hand-assembled, but they are tested with pride.  More than this, they are manufactured carefully, using state-of-the-art componentry.  Developed from ultra-high-end audio brands, engineers have researched, extensively tested and refined Acurus.

Acurus Muse is a 16-channel processor. The additional four channels allows connections of two Front Wide Speakers and two additional atmos ceiling speakers. But wait! There’s more features!  Some of these additional features include a Full-colour touch panel and 9.1.6 Native decoding.  Featuring top of the range audio formats, Muse supports Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and much more.  In addition to this,  Acurus includes a built-in web setup and App available on iPhone, iPad or Android devices.  As a result, the product is entirely user friendly.


Thankfully, Muse is exceptionally compact and stylish.  Considering its size, it’s impressive that it can deliver such outstanding results in a sleek frame when compared to previous media room components.  Room Correction- essential with any componentry- is done through ASPEQT.  ASPEQT primes any room for optimization, creating breathtaking sound.  Notably simplifying the calibration of the system, ASPEQT interacts with Muse throughout the setup process. 

To book a demonstration of Acurus Muse check out our contact details: