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Introducing The Best Home Cinema From 2019


Introducing the best home cinema from 2019! This beautiful home cinema is located in Brisbane City, Australia. When we first met the client, the clients desired two main core elements when it came to a cinema room. The room needed to have a total of 10 home theatre seats, all of which would provide consistently good viewing. Secondly, they requested to hide as much of the home theatre equipment as possible (including all the speakers).

The Ingredients of Midnight Screening

Given the size of the room, Scott decided to use the hybrid ATMOS-AURO speaker layout from Trinnov in a 9.1.6 arrangement, including centre top height speakers. This allowed the client the ability to enjoy all cinema content, including Dolby Atmos and AURO-3D. Plus the client will also be able to play DTS-X Pro content once it becomes available. The Row One leather, home theatre seating used in this room provides excellent comfort and quality. Each seat offers the same excellent sound, including clean powerful bass and crystal clear surround effects.

The height of the room was less than ideal which made the room difficult to engineer. Despite this, during our home theatre design process we were able to fit all air-conditioning systems and speakers exactly where required. We were also capable of delivering a bright, 4K cinemascope image which can be as large 4.3 meters wide, thanks to Benq 4K projector and a Lumagen Radiance Pro video processor. This was more than capable of fitting into the customer’s budget and again suited the room’s layout.

CEDIA’S judges for 2019 stated they were impressed by the planning and took note of the extra care that went into the rack and cable management.
The customer will be very popular among all his friends and family. Scott and his team are more than confident that our client will get years of use from this home theatre installation, with many memorable moments every day.

Congratulations to our team for achieving this outstanding award and for bringing one of the greatest home cinemas to life within Brisbane, Australia.

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