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Philips Videowall Zero-bezel Displays

The ‘Zero-Bezel’ videowall highlights why Phillips are the leaders in the LCD Display revolution, specifically the corporate and commercial markets. There has been strong demand driven by the diverse application for video wall setups and increase in technology that has this product more readily available to businesses.

The Phillips range of displays are standalone, aesthetically-orientated retail systems which have captured market share in this growing segment. The zero-bezel videowall panels use advanced colour calibration tools and HD Base-T video interfacing to ensure perfect uniformity and a sleek glass free finish, minimizing glare in open areas.

The displays have excellent response times, precision fit and finish coupled with an aggressive pricing strategy, making them very competitive in the Australian market. Philips can create a tailor-made solutions based around the project’s exact requirements. From high brightness, commercial grade displays designed for 24/7 use, to entry-level displays for price-sensitive projects.

The Videowall display has a unique installation system that leaves only a small space between the wall and the screen as to not take up too much space within your retail store or commercial outlet.

Each panel is easily aligned horizontally and vertically with no gap in between and minimal edging allowing for maximum viewing area.

Each panel can be perfectly colour calibrated for colour and brightness uniformity, allowing for a seamless effect across al panels. Beautifully stunning and simple.

Impress and capture your audience with ultra slim video wall solutions.

Deliver your message with a stylish seamless video wall. Whether it’s used in a 5 x 5 square matrix or in a 1 x 3 portrait setup, your audience will be astonished.

The Digital Picture are the premium Philips dealer in South East Queensland and are one of the few Commercial Signage companies that performs full colour calibration on all video walls using the Philips approved colour calibration kit.

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