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Ready, Set, Go! Introducing “The Jet Set Cinema”


Digital Picture Wins Finalist at CEDIA Awards 2019 for Best Cinema in Asia Pacific (Level I)

Introducing another exciting cinema of 2019, located on the Gold Coast, Australia. This superb system boasts a Dolby ATMOS 7.2.4 speaker system from Triad Speakers and BenQ 4K projection with a 150″ projector screen. There were several challenges for Scott and the team regarding both the design and construction of this room.  The Digital Picture was brought in after the “step-up” slab had already been poured and the room designed to hold the equipment rack had been framed.  A large plumbing pipe on the right side of the room, expansive panes of glass and HVAC Noise (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) were some of the other challenges.


Light Finds A Way

A large, custom blackout curtain was used to create the dramatic drapery at the rear of the room.  As a result, the image on the screen won’t have to compete with external light.  All glass is also double-glazed to reduce heat early in the day.  Also, this helps to keep cinema sounds inside the theatre and external noise out.

Dealing with a Noisy Room

To combat HVAC noise all the duct work that leads to the fan coil unit outside the room was acoustically lined and four 90-degree bends help knock down extraneous sound.  To help with proper cable management and ventilation, the equipment racks live in a separate space, making upgrades and troubleshooting vastly easier.


Sound Quality was Especially Important To The Customer

The primary front speakers were placed behind an acoustically-transparent 4K screen. The screen material being a high gain micro-perforated type, ensured that the picture quality was of the highest standard. This set up delivers a consistent, quality audio experience to every seat. CEDIA judges took special notice of this feature.

The customer will enjoy many years with this home theatre installation, and we hope they will enjoy watching many great films in the future.

Congratulations to our team for once again being one of the finalists at CEDIA 2019 and for bringing another stunning home cinema to Brisbane, Australia.

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