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Severtson Screens have now launched in Australia

If you are looking for the ultimate in home theatre design look no further than a Severtson Screen for the stunning ‘acoustically-transparent’ quality.

This design property allows the audio to pass through the screen allowing you to position the front speakers and subwoofers behind the screen to get the best possible directional sensation from your audio.

“Acoustically-transparent, the entire sound stage can be placed directly behind the screen at the same horizontal axis, allowing the vocals and special effects to be completely in sync with the brilliant images on display.”

The Digital Picture uses the Stellar Acoustically Transparent 4K home theatre screen (SAT-4K) fabric in both 16:9 and 2.37:1 Cinemascope aspect ratios. Not only does this allow for an acoustically excellent performance, but also optimum video quality and brightness. The Severtson screens either meets or exceeds all industry standards making it a must in your home cinema design.

The SAT-4K fabric is an acoustically woven screen material that has a Gain of 1.18, meaning that the picture brightness is superb even on projectors with a lower light output.  This extra gain also helps to create a brighter 3D image when wearing 3D glasses.

The Digital Picture can supply the SAT-4K models in 16:9 aspect ratio in sizes from 100” to 120”, plus also the 2.37:1 aspect Cinemascope screens in sizes ranging from 125” up to a huge 158” for a stunning widescreen cinema effect.

Severston Screens are a global leader in innovative and quality projection screens for the home theatre, commercial and pro AV markets. Severston Screens are made in the USA and specialise in replicating the cinema experience in the home like no other projection screen on the market today.

For more information visit or contact The Digital Picture for pricing and installation details.

If you are looking for the ultimate in home theatre design look no further than a Severston Screen for the stunning acoustically-transparent quality.

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