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Sony VPL-GTZ380 4K Laser Projector Arrives in Australia

Sony’s new flagship projector the VPL-GTZ380 has recently hit the residential market and it outshines its competitors.

The Digital Picture is proud to be a premium Sony projection integrator, and are looking forward to include this model into many of our newest Brisbane and Gold Coast home theatre rooms.

With its extremely impressive spec sheet, the Sony GTZ380 will not disappoint. It boasts a powerful 10,000 lumens of brightness, DCI-P3 Colour Gamut and benefits from the new X1 Ultimate chip from the acclaimed Sony Bravia televisions. All this whilst still managing to stay the same size as its predecessor!

colour volume

With the GTZ380 outputting double the brightness of the previous flagship projector from Sony, the VW5000ES, it has no problems achieving the home cinema industry reference image brightness of 150 – 200 nits on almost any appropriately sized cinema scope screen in the very largest home cinema rooms.

To achieve these levels of light output Sony has stepped up to a 3 laser setup. This utilizes two different wavelength blue laser diodes as well as the additional red laser diode. Using Z-phosphor laser lights has given this projector a laser life of 20,000 hours at full brightness.

Laser layout

What does this brightness increase mean to you as an end user?

To correctly set the sound stage for home theatre rooms it is if often necessary to place the front LCR speakers and sometimes even the subwoofers behind the screen. To achieve this, micro-perforated or woven acoustically transparent screen materials are being utilized, the only downside to this is that there is an inherent light loss of between 10 – 15% of the total screen brightness when using these materials

The brightness increase of this new projector from Sony has made it so that your room can now be perfectly tailored to all situations without compromising on image quality.

100% of the DCI-P3 wide colour gamut is achieved without the use of colour filters meaning there is no loss in light. This key point is crucial in achieving wide gamut highly saturated colour for large screens in home cinemas. 4k HDR content just is not the same when the brightness is reduced to under 100 nits.

Colour grade scale - Rec.709 vs DCI-P3

The proprietary SXRD native 4K panel featured in the GTZ380 paired with all-glass, 9 element ARC-F optics provides some of the most crystal clear and accurate imagery available in home cinema.

With the power of the X1 ultimate processor newly optimized for projectors, viewers will experience uncompromised picture quality from a projector without a third-party video processor such as a Lumagen Radiance Pro or madVR Envy. The new X1 in the GTZ380 enables for ultra fast, smooth video processing with real time video enhancements.

These enhancements work by analyzing objects on the screen and referencing dual databases to improve pixel quality as well as adjusting contrast to produce greater depth & clarity, all in real time!

X1 ultimate chip for projectors

Sony’s liquid SXRD panel cooling system paired with 5 large internal fans keeps the sound to a minimum. It is still recommended that all VPL-GTZ380 units be installed into a professionally designed hush box with appropriate ventilation to ensure quiet and smooth operation so as to not raise the noise floor inside the cinema room.

For more details and a full list of specs on the GTZ380 visit Sony’s website here: Pro Sony – VPL-GTZ380

A projector offering this level of performance is truly ground breaking. We know that our home theatre clients in Brisbane and Gold Coast will be keen to see what this projector can do.  

All in all the GTZ380 is an amazing package. If you would be interested in adding a GTZ380 to your system don’t hesitate to contact The Digital Picture directly: Contact Us