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What Makes A Good Home Cinema?

Did you know that all Home Cinemas are not equal to each other? This is due to number of factors such as components, room design, room acoustics, speakers and subwoofer placements, the design of the projection, quality of the installation techniques, audio calibration verification and video calibration.

Simply buying the best projector you can afford and pulling it out of the box does not guarantee you an excellent picture in your home cinema room. There are a number of variables which will affect the overall picture quality.

Some of these include, screen size, screen material type (such as solid screen, woven screen, perforated screen material etc.). Projection distance, ambient light level, all these factors should be considered during the calibration process to obtain the best brightness and black level from your projector. 

We also then work to we ensure the greyscale and colour balance is set correctly so that skin tones look natural and that the overall image does not suffer from unwanted colour cast. Once the baseline image is looking sharp and punchy, we then put significant focus on obtaining the best HDR image quality as possible. With increased brightness and contrast to ensure the image pops the screen.

All of these is not possible without the best testing and measurement equipment. The Digital Picture has invested tens of thousands of dollars in equipment to ensure our customers Home Cinemas are installed with low amounts of errors.

If you just invested significant money with a home cinema, why would not have it calibrated to ensure the best from your investment?

At Digital Picture we are certified in many key areas when it comes to Home Cinema. Some of these include THX Certified Professional, HAA (Home Acoustic Alliance) audio designers and calibrators. On top of these existing certifications, recently our managing director Scott Sauer became a certified member and video calibrator of the PVA (Professional Video Alliance).

The Professional Video Alliance is the industry’s highest level of the professional video calibration, born from the THX Home Theatre Installer program and allows The Digital Picture the ability to deliver the very best projection design and calibrated video quality into all of our customers home cinemas.

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