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Who Doesn’t Love A Cool Home Cinema? Introducing “Urban Chill”.

The Digital Picture Wins Finalist at CEDIA Awards 2019 for Best Home Cinema in Asia Pacific (Level I)

Introducing one of our best home cinemas from 2019, located on the Gold Coast, Australia. The client desired different viewing experiences from the front and back seats.  The front seats of this home theatre deliver an impacting movie viewing experience with excellent image and terrific sound. The rear seats offer quality sound and a more casual experience- perfect for watching sports, reading a book or Netflix.

Custom Home Cinema Gold Coast 2

The Cool Elements of Urban Chill Home Cinema

Scott equipped this room with a mix of Pro Audio Technologies digital active (powered) speakers and passive Triad speakers for the Dolby ATMOS height channels.  For visuals, a large screen provides a ratio of 16:9 along with a BenQ 4K DLP projector.  This combination provides a very dynamic viewing experience. To solve the problem of three large windows Blackout curtains were installed, also allowing the room to be used during the day.

Custom Home Cinema Gold Coast 3

The room’s layout meant equipment racks were installed at the front of the room.  These racks need to be properly “cooled” as proper ventilation ensures a long working life.  To combat limited space, Scott and the team created two smaller-than-usual rack units that can be rolled out of their cabinetry and rotated for maintenance.

Custom Home Cinema Gold Coast 4
Custom Home Cinema Gold Coast 5
Custom Home Cinema Gold Coast 6
Custom Home Cinema Gold Coast 7

This cinema offers a great movie- watching experience as well as being a terrific theatre for sports and Netflix.

CEDIA’S judges were impressed with the extra care and work that went into the room’s lighting and the custom racks.  The customer will enjoy many years out of this home theatre installation, and we hope they will “chill” while watching some great films and memorable sporting events.

Congratulations to our team for once again being one of the finalists at CEDIA 2019 and for bringing a stunning home cinema to Brisbane, Australia.

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