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Platinum sets the benchmark for the performance of our home theatre collection. This cinema is designed for smaller rooms, putting you right in the centre of the on-screen action and offering incredibly powerful audio. The design allows for a single row of seats, with the option to add a bar bench behind the seats for entertaining.

We typically install Platinum home cinemas in rooms up to five meters long and four metres wide, though this package can also be adapted for medium-size rooms. The design sees seats placed between three and four metres from the screen, while speakers are integrated behind the projector screen and inside walls and ceilings to create a sophisticated final look.

As with all of our home cinema packages, Platinum meets industry reference standards and is designed with our uncompromising commitment to performance. This package will give you incredibly immersive and powerful audio and typically offers up to 11 channels of surround sound, with various upgrade options available.

Custom room design, home theatre seating, interior design, acoustic treatments, soundproofing, lighting, automation, installation, 3D surround sound, Scott to complete this list.

Example of 11.1 channels of surround sound

We have refined our design, installation and testing process to produce supreme sound, vision and comfort.


  • We meet with you to discuss your room and its requirements, and how we can design a home cinema that adheres to industry reference standards.
  • The design process begins, including engineering, interior design, automation and selection of equipment, seating and lighting.
  • You receive detailed plans complete with 3D renders that allow you to visualise your home cinema.
  • Installation begins, with our team of builders, shopfitters and cabinetmakers taking care of intricate construction work.
  • Your room undergoes a rigorous testing and calibration procedure to ensure the audio and video systems are calibrated to the best industry standards.
  • Seating locations are tested for bass performance from the subwoofers and all speakers are calibrated for high sound pressure level (SPL) output.
  • An Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) technician calibrates the projector and electronics to cerate a picture quality that is as bright as possible, with the best black levels and contrast.
  • Your home theatre is complete and we give you a demonstration of how to use it.