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Project Description

This recently completed project was an excellent example of what can be done when a client hands over a room and allows us to design the layout without restriction.

This room represented many problems, such as a short room width, requirement for 2 rows of seats, glass doors at one end and a cavity door at the other. There simply was no possibility of installing a projection screen at either end. After discussing the options with the client the decision was made to install a screen wall at one end, allowing a walk around area to get to the glass doors, plus a seating platform at the other end with room to walk around.

The platform was difficult because of the room width so we had 2 rows of leather cinema recliners custom made that would fit in a 2800mm wide area, allowing enough room on each side to walk around.

Having 2 rows of seats made the speaker placement difficult so we installed an acoustic transparent woven fabric projector screen with the 3 front speakers installed behind the screen. This made sure that the speakers were high enough to project clear audio to both rows of seats.

The end result was an excellent cinema that the client is extremely happy to own.