Urban Chill


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Project Description

A great home cinema should be enjoyable and relaxing.  Once you see this cinema you will understand how it earned its name, ‘Urban Chill’.

This cinema delivers an impacting movie experience.  Because of a careful cinema layout, terrific sound is available no matter which cinema chair you select.  Sitting in the rear of this cinema delivers a more casual experience, perfect for watching sport, reading a good book or Netflix.

Including a large 150 inch woven 16:9 screen matched with a BenQ X12000H 4K DLP Projector, Urban Chill provides customers with a dynamic 4K HDR viewing experience.  Moreover, blackout blinds allow customers to use the cinema during the day.

The speaker system in this home cinema consisted of a Pro Audio Technology digital active speaker system for the main 5 channels, coupled with Triad passive speakers for the 4 height ATMOS channels and two hard hitting Triad 15″ wall mounted subwoofers.  The immersive audio experience in this room is awesome, with the very high ceilings able to offer incredible overhead Atmos affects.

Urban Chill means no mess or big boxes.  To accomplish a sleek appearance, specialty cabinetry stores the equipment racks.  Designed to keep equipment properly cooled and ventilated, the cabinetry allows the racks to be rolled out and rotated should any maintenance ever be required.

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