“Monaco” | Multi-Purpose Perfection

Balancing performance and function, Monaco was created within the constraints of an existing space to fulfil our client’s request for “A room that performs equally as a media room, gaming, sports and entertainment space”

Quick Specs:

Room Size: 6.9x 6.6mm
Speaker Configuration: Dolby Atmos 5.4.4
Projection: 4K 158” Cinemascope

LCR Speakers: Krix Megaphonix
Surround Speakers: Krix Hyperphonix 45
Top (ATMOS) Speakers: Krix Hyperphonix 45
Subwoofers: 4 x Krix Cyclonix 15” Subwoofer
AV Receiver: Anthem MRX-740
Room Correction: ARC (Anthem Room Correction) and custom subwoofer alignment
Amplification: LCR’S – Anthem MCA325 | Surrounds – Anthem MRX | Subs Yamaha PX

Projector: Sony VPL-XW7000ES 4K SXRD Laser projector
Anamorphic Lens: Panamorph
Video Processor: Lumagen Radiance Pro
Screen: Severtson Microperforated 158” Cinemascope Screen (Cinema Grey)

Room Control: Control4 with SR260 Universal Remote
Lighting: Optic Star Panel Ceiling, LED Stair Tread Lights. Philips Hue Colour LED Strips
Carpet: Black Star Cinema Feature Carpet

After some initial consultations and on-site inspections with our client to discover their requirements and map the room, design began on Monaco leading to one of our favourite recent projects. The two biggest challenges to overcome with this media room were without a doubt the glass doors to the external balcony that spanned the left hand wall and the challenges that would come with using a projector in a room washed with natural light when these doors were opened while entertaining guests. Both would be overcome with careful cinema design and planning.

The immersive audio system in Monaco was designed as a Dolby Atmos 5.4.4 using the renowned Krix speakers throughout. Due to the inability to mount side surround speakers on the glass door side, it was decided to use five ear-level speakers and increase the amount of top Atmos speakers to still give a great sense of audio envelopment. For behind-screen, front LCR speakers Krix Megaphonix speakers were chosen and driven by a dedicated Anthem MCA325 amplifier to give greater output to fill this large 6.9 x 6.6m space. Surround speakers and tops were all Krix Hyperphonix 45 speakers to give an immersive sound field and adding to the realism of any content. Given the size of the room, four thunderous Krix Cyclonix 15 subwoofers were responsible for bringing low-end energy to the room. Something they did with ease when paired with dedicated Yamaha subwoofer amplifiers. To keep the room functional we decided to incorporate the two front subwoofers into the front cabinets to keep them hidden while also allowing some additional Blu-Ray disc storage in front of them. Rear subwoofers were placed behind a curtain behind the seats. All audio processing is handled by an Anthem MRX740 AV Receiver which does a great job of correcting for acoustic issues in rooms such as this with challenging features like the glass doors with its onboard ARC (Anthem Room Correction) software. Despite the limitations with speaker placement in the room, Monaco does not compromise on sound quality. It is an energetic and exciting room to be in without sounding harsh or aggressive and has plenty of tight, punchy bass in every seat. We have done a lot of rooms with Krix speakers over the years, but this particular system just has an extra unquantifiable something special going on and is perhaps our best-sounding Krix room to date.

Given the request for the ability to use the room with the curtains and balcony doors open, a “Cinema Grey” screen material was used to give deeper black levels and greater contrast and counter the ambient light. This material was part of an acoustically transparent 158” CinemaScope screen from Severtson Screens which allowed us to mount our front speakers behind the screen keeping them hidden and tying the sound and vision together as one. To manage source switching, aspect ratio and allow us a deeper level of adjustment when calibrating, a Lumagen Radiance Pro video processor was used. This along with the added brightness of the Sony VPL-XW7000ES 4K Laser projector gave excellent brightness on the screen even with the blinds open. In full cinema mode with doors and curtains closed Monaco’s screen is truly stunning.

With the glass doors restricting the typical placement of acoustic panels, additional acoustic absorption was achieved by employing a particularly heavy acoustic carpet underlay and heavy curtain along the glass doors. This was also helped by the slightly absorptive star panel feature ceiling and standard rear absorber panels hidden behind the rear curtain.

The finishing aesthetic touches used allow Monaco to transform instantly. Colour LED platform and screen surrounds, LED stair treads, dimmable lighting, optic fibre star panel feature ceiling, motorised curtains and AC are all controllable at the touch of a button in simple scenes thanks to the Control4 Smart Home system.

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