Audio processors

Achieving quality immersive audio in home cinema takes more than just good speakers, it also requires high quality sound processing and amplification to really bring you to the edge of your seat and feel the action.

Every cinema designed by The Digital Picture includes a high grade immersive audio processor featuring models from Storm Audio, Trinnov and Anthem. Each of these audio processors provide state-of-the-art software and room acoustic tuning systems to bring out the best from your speaker system in your room environment.

A home cinema created by The Digital Picture will bring the world of high performance Dolby Atmos commercial cinema into the comfort of your own home.

Storm Audio

Positioned at the cutting edge of immersive audio technology, Storm Audio feature heavily in The Digital Picture’s high performance Award Winning cinemas. With high-grade componentry and engineering coupled with the world’s best audio processing, Storm Audio allows us to finely tune a room and extract every last piece of performance from your speakers and amplifiers to create extremely accurate and immersive sound stages. With Dirac Live Active Room Treatment (ART) technology on board, Storm Audio calibrates all speakers in the room as a single unified system to reduce sound decay time, eliminate lingering bass and optimise audio for a more uniform experience across more seats with mind blowing bass.

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Trinnov Audio

Trinnov Audio has for over 20 years pushed the boundaries of audio performance with industry leading R&D and products. Their Altitude16 and and Altitude32 immersive audio processors can be found in many of The Digital Picture’s Award Winning home cinema projects and throughout the world’s best private cinemas. Using Trinnov’s own “Optimizer” room correction software and their now iconic 3D measurement microphone, highly detailed audio information is captured and then processed using Trinnov’s proprietary algorithms, providing a full acoustic analysis of the room and revealing more information than other automatic systems. Using this information and adjusting your system accordingly, Trinnov delivers a tight, focused front soundstage and an expansive surround and immersive audio field in even the most acoustically challenging rooms.

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Immersive Audio Object Rendering

One of the key functions of an immersive audio processor is to take the audio information from your source material like a Bluray disc or Netflix stream and decode it to best suit your system. In the era of Dolby Atmos and immersive audio formats, it must also decode individual sound objects and place or “render” them at precise locations in your room based on your speaker configuration and placement, including overhead! Incredibly, there can be up to 118 of these individual audio objects in a Dolby Atmos soundtrack which need to be rendered to up to 32 speakers with the ability to move around the room to create an amazingly immersive and engaging cinematic experience. All of this takes complex algorithms and large amounts of computing power which is why not all audio processors are created equal. For the very best high-performance immersive audio, we love Storm Audio and Trinnov Audio.

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