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ascendo speakers

Ascendo, a state-of-the-art brand of speakers down to the finest details.

Designed in Germany, Ascendo speakers are handcrafted with the greatest components and materials and precision by trained audio experts. The Digital Picture now has Queensland’s only Ascendo demonstration facility on display at our showroom.

Why choose ascendo speakers?

All ASCENDO speakers offer extremely high undistorted maximum SPL levels to create a visceral surround sound experience. The use of high-performance coax point source drivers results in an acoustic experience that is real and emotionally evolving.

Ascendo systems maintain audio fidelity even during moments of incredible sound pressure in the biggest blockbuster movies.

Ascendo was founded in the year 1999 by three music lovers, and the brand would soon be transformed into a technology company carrying a musical heritage and various traits. All of this led to the development of Ascendo Immersive Audio. Today, they are dedicated to developing, designing, and producing premium home theatre systems for our clients for a complete cinematic experience with unlimited dynamics.

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