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madVR and Lumagen Video Processors

In home cinema the projector is only one part of the image chain. Lumagen and madVR video processors bring the next level of video quality.

Movie studios master movies in a much higher brightness (4000 NITS and above) and color gamut than what a home cinema projector is capable of producing, typically around 150 NITS on screen. With a video processor the movie is remastered in real-time using DTM (Dynamic Tone Mapping) technology to re-map the dynamic range of the movie to the maximum light output that your projector is capable of displaying, resulting in an image on screen that is far more dynamic, with richer colour and more contrast than ever before.

Dynamic Tone Mapping is just one feature that a video processor can bring to your display system. features such as Aspect Ratio Switching, Auto-aspect ratio, Non Linear Stretch, 1D and 3D LUT calibration all contribute to an impressive image on screen.

Lumagen Radiance Pro 4K Video Processor

The original and what many experts believe to be the best, the Lumagen Radiance Pro brings a huge suite of video features and calibration tools to your home cinema. Lumagen offers multiple models with up to 10 inputs, allowing for faster switching and input based aspect ratio and colour management settings meaning a perfect calibration can be dialled in for every source in your system with no need for any user interaction or complex automation. With its high grade chipset based design, its modular I/O allows for upgrading to new HDMI technology and software updates as they become available. Lumagen also supports full aspect ratio control allowing for user controlled aspect ratios, auto-aspect ratio and also NLS (non linear stretch) for watching your favourite 16:9 content on a CinemaScope screen. Designed to be “set and forget”, Lumagen offers award winning DTM along with 1D+3D LUT calibration allowing The Digital Picture to extract the very best image quality from your system.

madVR Envy MK2 Video Processor

The new kid on the block, the madVR Envy video processors bring innovation and award winning features to your home cinema. Based on PC architecture, madVR includes HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping, Auto Aspect Ratio and Geometry Control, Subtitle handling, Non-linear stretch, 1D+3D LUT calibration and much more. The madVR Envy is easy to use with its HTML web interface, users can adjust settings easily as required. With just a single HDMI input and output, connection is simple and built in selectable profiles allow for customisation of the video processing based on the incoming colourspace and resolution. madVR brings a new look and feel to the world of home cinema video processing using top-tier hardware and software backed by excellent support.

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Lumagen and madVR Video Processors

Featuring heavily in all of our award winning cinema rooms, a correctly installed and calibrated video processor can transform your home theatres image quality from good to outstanding, adding a feature set to the projection chain that brings the image to life. When added to the system a video processor removes almost all of the heavy lifting from the projector, leaving it to act simply as a basic display device while the processor handles the HDR tone-map, colourspace conversion, grayscale and colour calibration and aspect ratio control. If you are looking at a CinemaScope screen as an option for your home cinema, look no further than adding a Lumagen or madVR to your system to simplify and supercharge the process. Contact us today to discuss more.

  • HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping (DTM)
  • Aspect Ratio Control without Anamorphic Lens
  • Auto-aspect Ratio Control
  • NLS (non linear stretch) of 16:9 content to
    Cinemascope 2.4:1
  • Multi-point Grayscale calibration with
    1D LUT (lookup table)
  • Advanced Colour Calibration via 3D LUT (lookup table)
  • Compatible with all Color Spaces
    (Rec709, DCI-p3, Rec2020)
  • HDMI Input Switching (Lumagen Only)
  • Remove Audio Processor from the video chain (Lumagen Only)

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