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The Digital Picture wins Screen Excellence 2015

The Digital Picture wins Screen Excellence’s monthly Home Cinema Installation award for November 2015.

Located in England, Screen Excellence manufactures the highest quality acoustically transparent projection cinema screens for the high-end home cinema market. Each month the award is given to the best performing dealer utilising their equipment and for November 2015 it was awarded to the Digital Picture in the Gold Coast and Brisbane area.

The Cinema that was awarded was installed into an over 55’s lifestyle community recreation clubhouse. The community has a large list of facilities including gyms, lap pools and woodworking areas also.

The Digital Picture, run by Scott Sauer, is a multiple CEDIA award winning integration company working with Australia’s renown Wavetrain Cinemas design firm headed by David Moseley who together handled all of the design challenges, supply and installation of the room. This high-performance cinema needed to cater for the ease of use and senses of the users of the community and fall within to a desired budget in which both the Digital Picture and Wavetrain Cinema were able to accomplish through great design and innovative installation.

The ease of use was the primary concern within the installation of the cinema and essential to the brief and was effectively achieved with the RTI touchscreen control with the simplistic design. The graphic user interface (GUI) design is simplistic so any potential movie goer can harness the control and enjoy a great cinema experience within the community.

The Screen Excellence acoustically transparent Referenced RF140WS projection screen was installed giving the audience the best quality image with perfect coherence with the sound as the front speakers are placed behind the screen. The Digital Picture used Triad Silver LCR speakers and multiple Triad CinemaPlus resilient mount subwoofers.

The interior designed room features a themed style as to entertain visitors and give an inviting family feel to the overall experience. This also required the standing speakers to be fixed and all speakers including subwoofer are totally out of sight without any loss of audio quality. To achieve cinema reference SPL, high sensitivity front speakers were selected and coupled to a power amplifier to achieve a minimum of 105dB peaks at the first row of seating. Bass performance is also excellent with 2 x Subwoofers in the middle front and an additional time aligned subwoofer engineered in to the rear wall to cancel out standing waves and improve overall bass performance between seating locations ensuring everyone hears the enhanced bass performance.

The residents have replied with nothing but high praise for the installation with effective sound isolation allowing movies to be played without noise complaints from other residents. General consensus from the residents claims “It’s like being at a normal cinema only better!”

Congratulations to Scott Sauer and the team from The Digital Picture working in conjunction with Wavetrain Cinema on the win.

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