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Acoustically Transparent Projector Screens

What is an acoustically transparent screen and why do I need one?

Acoustically transparent projector screens were originally designed so that a large commercial cinemas could obtain the largest screen width possible while still having the cinema speakers in the correct location, front left, centre and front right, but up in the middle of the room where they need to be to project sound to every seat in the room.

By making the screen fabric “woven” or “perforated”, the speakers can be installed behind the screen with little to no affect on the sound quality.  We prefer to use woven screens from Screen Excellence only because they allow the speakers to be installed as close as 50mm behind the fabric.  This is a great advantage when working in small home theatre rooms where space and projection throw distance is short.

The benefits of installing the speakers behind the screen is that the sound is coming from where the action is.  When actors speak on screen, the sound comes from where their mouth is.  This creates a very accurate and immersive experience.  Plus, you also get to hide the speakers.

First we would start by installing the front speakers and subwoofers on the wall.  You can also opt to install the speakers in the wall as well.

Second, we create a famework around the speakers.  This allows us to hang the screen in front of the speakers at the correct distance and also we can install any acoustic treatments as required.  You can also just hang a screen directly over the speakers that are installed in the wall, without the need to create any extra framing.  This project required that the large subwoofer be hidden as well, creating the need for the framework.

The next step is to assemble and hang the screen.  Almost done at this stage.  All we have to do is install some black fabric panels around the screen to complete the wall.

Finally, the finished room complete with black fabric panels installed around the screen to complete the wall.  This creates a stunning visual impact to the room plus you do not need to see any speakers or cabling.

For the past 8 years, we have been creating and installing home theatre rooms for our Brisbane and Gold Coast clients like the project above.  We can design, supply and install any type of home theatre to suit your Brisbane home, from a small basic system up to a high-performance statement room that reaches THX reference sound levels.  Contact us today for a free consultation and demonstration at our Gold Coast demo system.

How to hide your speakers and get the best sound stage.

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