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Physical Media or Digital?

If you are looking for the ultimate in home theatre design look no further than a Severtson Screen for the stunning ‘acoustically-transparent’ quality.

With the closures of many cinemas during Covid-19, many movie lovers have had to resort to having their cinema experience at home.

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But thankfully movie buffs in 2020 are spoilt with content. There are multiple streaming platforms now available with the press of one button. Not only do we have streaming options, but we still have physical media formats including 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD.

But with all these options available, which is the best source for your home cinema?

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Firstly, Digital has many benefits, particularly when it comes to convenience. Customers never have to leave their home to watch a movie. Being an active user of services such as Netflix, Stan, Disney+, and Amazon Prime gives you a broad range of content at the click of a button. These streaming services are available on many devices, including TV panels, game consoles and products such as Apple TV. No matter what product you purchase and own nowadays, new devices are generally compatible with streaming services.

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Digital also sometimes allows access to content earlier than physical media. Furthermore, sometimes streaming services will offer exclusive content. This can include TV shows or sometimes even the next big blockbuster which skipped the cinema altogether.

Depending on the plan and service, a streaming platform is capable of outputting media in 4K, Full HD and SD picture quality, along with Dolby Atmos Audio Tracks. But even when the digital platform is outputting 4K Resolution, sadly it can still a compressed version of 4K.

Output Resolution Chart

On the other hand, Physical Media such as 4K UHD is capable of outputting uncompressed 4K Resolution. Because discs can hold a lot more data, this allows them output images and audio at the highest quality. Many discs sold today also include several bonus features. These features enable you to get behind the scenes of your favourite films. Features such as the making-of or commentary tracks are not always available on today’s streaming services. Many movie lovers would state this is the highest quality of media when, in fact, there is another option which goes above even this.

The technology of the last few years has profoundly changed what is now possible in a home cinema. The new generation of surround sound and object-based soundtracks, when powered by modern audio processing equipment and used in conjunction with Ultra HD video, can create an immersive experience that even outdoes your neighbourhood movie theatre. This is all made possible through Kaleidescape.

Kaleidoscape Strato

Movies from Kaleidescape are different. Unlike standard streamed content available from services such as Stan and Netflix, the films on Kaleidescape are carefully prepared to deliver an uncompromised home cinema experience. The beautiful interface allows viewers to access content easily.

Academy Award Winners
HD Movie Covers

Kaleidescape begins the process with the original video file from the studio. Using proprietary methods, the film is then processed to preserve fidelity. Soundtracks, subtitles, and extensive proprietary metadata are also carefully handled. This process allows your Kaleidescape movie player and the other components in your home cinema to take full advantage of the film. When all these features are paired with the meticulously curated content, the craftsmanship of a Kaleidescape movie player delivers an immersive home theatre experience you can’t get anywhere else.

For your home cinema to take advantage of everything that Kaleidescape has to offer, first you must purchase a Kaleidescape Player and Server. These products start with the Strato S Server-Player which combines both storage space and 4K player into one box. The Strato S unit comes with either 6TB or 12TB of movie storage space, with the 12TB model able to store between 180 to 360 movies with a typical mix of 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray quality and DVD quality titles. From there you have the option of a Terra Movie Server with a Strato Compact 4K player. The Terra server comes in 24TB and 40TB storage options for the true movie lover. Multiple Strato C players can be placed around the home (not just the cinema) allowing the Terra movie library to be viewed in multiple locations.

Indiana Jones Cover

At the Digital Picture, we introduce Kaleidescape regularly into our Brisbane and Gold Coast projects because we feel it is an extremely important component in creating a luxury home theatre experience. This system is the one that enables all the other aspects of your home theatre to perform at their best.

If you would like to know more information about Kaleidescape and the current range of products, contact The Digital Picture today.

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