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Ascendo, leading the way forward in high performance home cinema

ASCENDO high-end loudspeakers symbolize the state of the art, they are optimized to the smallest detail and are handcrafted using the best components and materials with the utmost precision by optimally trained specialists in Germany. The Digital Picture now has Queensland’s only Ascendo demonstration facility on display at our showroom.

Ascendo Speakers

Why choose ascendo speakers?

Decades ago the pioneers of cinema decided that a specific minimum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) of at least 105dB must be obtained during playback of transient effects such as explosions, gun shots and jet flyovers. Not all speakers are capable of achieving this reference level output in large rooms but ASCENDO speakers systems can achieve this with ease.

If the correct speaker is selected and engineered into your home cinema you will soon realise how important this reference level requirement is and begin to feel the difference that a high-level sound system adds to the movie, just as the director intended.

Home Theatre Design

Founded in 1999 by three music enthusiasts ASCENDO matured into a technology company with a unique musical heritage and combination of traits that led to the founding of ASCENDO IMMERSIVE AUDIO which is now dedicated to the development, design, and production of state-of-the-art home theatre systems.

Decades of research into the sound perception of human hearing led to the creation of Ascendo as we know it today, an unmatched immersive cinematic experience with unlimited dynamics.

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