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Premium 4K Laser projectors with high light output for superb HDR image quality in any size home cinema room

Sony home theatre projectors are the perfect choice for your home theatre. Offering exceptional colour accuracy, sharpness, deep blacks and glorious HDR processing there is a model to suit your room and screen size.

why choose Sony Projectors?

Sony projectors provide stunning, accurate imaging in every room large or small. When it comes to delivering the director’s vision to your home, Sony has the unique position of being invested in every step of the process from production to delivery. The camera’s used to film, the monitors and equipment in the post production studio, TV’s and home cinema projectors, Sony creates it all giving the ability to protect the integrity of the material from start to finish. Their uncompromising commitment and understanding of the cinema experience allows Sony to deliver high quality, dependable home cinema projectors that few can.

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X1™ Ultimate for projector processor

The X1™ Ultimate for projector technology takes the acclaimed BRAVIA TV video processing technology and optimises it for projection. The incredible power of the video engine enables fast data processing, with real-time enhancement of each individual on-screen object. The result is true high dynamic range imagery, with texture, colour, contrast and realism never before available to home cinema.

Laser Light Source

Unlike conventional lamp based projectors, Sony projectors utilise a Laser Light Source which offers increased run-time and usability without the need for servicing or replacing bulbs. This high Lumen light output when coupled with the worlds best high-gain micro-perforated screen materials, systems can reach on-screen brightness levels above 150 NITS even on larger 150″ screens and above. Combine the Laser Light Source with the impressive colour space and our eyes are tricked to interpret the colours on-screen as richer and brighter than they are physically measured, which is perfect for the best 4K HDR content.

Home Theatre Design
Home Theatre Design
Spectacular Image Brightness and Colour

Sony 4K laser projectors offer outstanding light output in a compact package for lighting up screens up to 4m wide or larger while retaining reference level brightness for amazing 4K HDR images on-screen. The standard for domestic home cinema for decades has been the REC 709 colour space as seen on TV, DVD and HD Blu-ray discs. Sony expands on this to provide 95% of the DCI-P3 colour space used in commercial cinema and 4K UHD movies. DCI-P3 has a much larger colour gamut than REC709 and offers increased saturation and colour depth, making images appear more lifelike and brighter on screen.

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Featuring heavily throughout our award winning home cinema projects, Sony projectors offer industry leading 4K HDR image quality and installation flexibility for small home theatre rooms all the way up to the largest high-end home cinema screens. Browse our portfolio or contact us for more information.

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