ULTIMA Home Cinema

Innovative engineering powers stunning audio visual systems in medium to large rooms surpassing industry standards for excellence and performance.

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Home Theatre Design

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High-Performance Private Luxury Cinema

Ultima delivers in-home performance far surpassing commercial cinemas. With industry leading products and an unwavering commitment to cinema design excellence, Ultima is a cinema few people are lucky to experience.


Home Theatre Projector
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4K Ultra HD

Sony 4K Laser projector with acoustically transparent micro-perforated 2.40:1 CinemaScope projection screen

Home Theatre Speaker
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ASCENDO Dolby Atmos Speakers

Dedicated extreme performance ASCENDO Immersive Audio speaker system. ATMOS 7.4.4 wall of sound with Quad subwoofers

Home Theatre Seating



Suitable for rooms up to 8 m long and three rows of seats.

Home Theatre Design

Bespoke Interior design

When designing your home cinema, we make every finish available to you, including sophisticated lighting, premium timber and fabrics, and advanced home theatre seating made with the world’s most luxurious leathers. All equipment is effortlessly integrated into the interior for a truly luxurious aesthetic.

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System summary

Ultima Home cinema

The Ultima is reflective of our commitment to bespoke home cinema design. This home theatre is characterised by innovative engineering that exceeds industry reference standards, while the standard of interior design and focus on individual elements such as lighting, automation and hidden equipment culminates in a luxurious ambience.

Superior sound is delivered over and around you via a 16-channel digital surround sound system powered by Anthem, Trinnov or Storm Audio. The bass and speaker output of this system is hard-hitting and able to reach exceptional sound pressure levels (SPLs), even in larger rooms. The well-controlled acoustics block out any ambient noise, resulting in fully immersive sound that allows you to discover the subtle nuances of a film or concert.

Each Ultima home cinema is designed with the best 4K Ultra HD projection systems and screen fabrics on a large Ultrawide CinemaScope projection screen. These projection systems deliver a larger, brighter picture and stunning image quality that is rarely experienced in home theatre due to the inclusion of Lumagen or madVR video processor.

  • Rooms up to 8m long and 3 rows of seats
  • Ascendo speakers and Quad subwoofers
  • Dolby ATMOS 7.4.4 Speaker Layout or Higher
  • CinemaScope 4K Acoustic Screen and Laser Projector
  • Atmos Speaker package
  • Large CinemaScope 4K Projection system
  • Sony 4K Laser Projector with high brightness
  • CineFrame Floating Screen Wall
  • Baffle Wall System
  • Lumagen or madVR Video Processor
  • Dedicated AV pre-amp processor
  • Dedicated power amps for high output
  • Acoustic Treatments
  • Cinema Design Service
  • Installation
  • Certified Audio Calibration
  • ISF/PVA Video Calibration
  • Large format active speaker system
  • Trinnov or Storm Audio Sound Processor
  • Premium Barco / Sony 4KLaser Projector
  • Interior Design Service
  • Custom room fitout options available


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