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Classic Home Cinema

Discover our Classic Cinema, outstanding audio and visual quality in a cozy setting. A smaller home cinema with elite sound and vision.

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Home Theatre Design

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The Digital Picture “Classic” Cinema Redefining the small-room cinema experience.

When a TV just isn’t enough, our Classic Cinema delivers a big system experience in a smaller space. With the same design standard and attention to detail as our larger rooms “Classic” will change your mind about what is possible in small rooms.

Classic Cinema Features
Home Theatre Projector
4K Projector with Acoustic Screen

Epson or BenQ 4K projector with acoustically transparent 16:9 projection screen.
Cinemascope 2.4:1 screen upgrade is available as an option.

Home Theatre Speaker


KRIX Dolby Atmos Speakers

ATMOS 5.1.4 dedicated cinema speakers from Krix for a magical sound experience

Home Theatre Seating



Suitable for rooms up to 5m long and a single row of seats.

Home Theatre Design

Bespoke Interior design

When designing your home cinema, we make every finish available to you, including sophisticated lighting, premium timber and fabrics, and advanced home theatre seating made with the world’s most luxurious leathers. All equipment is effortlessly integrated into the interior for a truly luxurious aesthetic.

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System summary

The Classic Home Cinema

The CLASSIC sets the bar for small room performance in our home theatre collection. This cinema is designed for smaller home cinemas, putting you right in the centre of the on-screen action and offering incredibly powerful audio. The design allows for a single row of seats, with the option to add a bar bench behind the seats for entertaining.

We typically install CLASSIC home cinemas in rooms up to five meters long, though this package can also be adapted for medium-sized rooms. The design sees seats placed between three and four metres from the screen, while speakers are integrated behind the projector screen and inside walls and ceilings to create a sophisticated final look.

As with all of our home cinema packages, the Classic meets industry reference standards and is designed with our uncompromising commitment to performance. This package will give you incredibly immersive and powerful audio and typically offers up to 9 channels of surround sound, with various upgrade options available.

  • Rooms up to 5m long and one row of seats
  • Krix speakers and subwoofers
  • Dolby ATMOS 5.1.4 Speaker Layout or Higher
  • 16:9 4K Acoustic Screen and Projector
  • Atmos Speaker package
  • 4K Projection system
  • Amplifiers and Sources
  • Acoustic Treatments
  • Installation
  • Certified Audio Calibration
  • ISF/PVA Video Calibration
  • CineFrame Floating Screen Wall
  • Sony 4K Laser Projector
  • Cinema Design Service
  • Interior Design Service
  • Single Remote Control System
  • Customised Lighting


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