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Video Wall

Explore home cinemas crafted with passion and precision. Whether you are a cinephile, entertainer or sports lover, your cinema is designed for your ultimate viewing experience.

Project Description
HD Video Wall for retail.

We supply and install large screen video wall systems for retail applications. Anything from 2 screens up to 36 screens can be easily installed.

Video Walls are a TV installation with a difference. The panels are installed together and locked in place usually in a 2×3, 3×3 or 4×4 arrangement to create an ultra-large commercial display for large venues and retail stores.

The visual impact of these systems is stunning and can create a real element of difference to your retail store, pub or large venue.

We regularly install these systems throughout Brisbane and Gold coast and can easily come up with a customised audio-visual solution for your business.

Experience the finest

After meeting with you, we develop exclusive designs that will maximise the performance of your home theatre system and complement your individual style. Our full suite of engineering, architecture, interior design and installation services streamlines the process, ensuring we are able to maintain your vision from first concepts through to completion.