Byron Bay Hilltop Oasis

Perched atop a hill in the Byron Bay hinterland lies one of our most exquisite cinemas to date…. “Hilltop Oasis”. Oblivious or perhaps even indifferent to its tranquil surroundings, this 7.9 x 6m space with its sunken floor, 7.4.4 Dolby Atmos quad-subwoofer speaker system and 158” CinemaScope screen is powerful, exciting and a truly engaging cinema experience to behold…

Quick Specs:

Room Size: 7.9 x 6m
Speaker Configuration: Dolby Atmos 7.4.4
Projection: 4K 158” Cinemascope

LCR Speakers: Elementi Audio Firebird Active
Surround Speakers: Triad Bronze
Top (ATMOS) Speakers: Triad Bronze
Subwoofers: 4 x Triad Gold 15” Subwoofer
Audio Processor: Storm Audio ISP Core 16
Room Correction: DIRAC ART (Active Room Treatment)
Amplification: Powersoft & Yamaha

Projector: Sony VPL-XW7000ES 4K SXRD™ Laser projector
Anamorphic Lens: Panamorph
Video Processor: Lumagen Radiance Pro
Screen: Severtson Micro-perforated 158” Cinemascope Screen

Room Control: Control4 with SR260 Universal Remote
Lighting: Integrated Clipsal C-Bus

Working in conjunction with the construction team, The Digital Picture was tasked with designing and executing this high-performance cinema while keeping the aesthetic of the room in line with the high level of finish throughout the rest of the home.

For audio, this room called for a Dolby Atmos 7.4.4 speaker configuration. That is seven speakers at ear level broken up into the centre, left and right speakers placed behind the screen, two side surrounds and two rear surrounds. We also have four in-ceiling top or “Atmos” speakers with four large subwoofers taking care of the low-end frequencies with ease. Our front soundstage is effortlessly handled by Elementi Firebird Active LCR speakers housed behind the 158” CinemaScope so as not to detract from the carefully detailed front wall specified by the project’s interior designer. Our side and rear surround speakers are Triad Bronze series with sides hidden behind the designer stretch-fabric walls and the rear surrounds discreetly placed within the cabinetry at the back of the room with acoustic fabric door panels to keep them out of sight. The four top speakers are also Triad Bronze series to give a uniform tonality to sound objects moving throughout the room. The tops are cut into the feature ceiling with their grilles painted to match and disappear from sight and these speakers are internally angled at 45° to direct sound towards the listening position. Given the size of the space, we deployed four Triad Gold series 15” subwoofers hidden in the front screen wall and rear cabinetry doing an amazing job of delivering deep, impactful bass to every seat in the house with remarkable consistency. All these speakers benefit from our choice of Audio Processor, the Storm Audio ISP Core 16 and precision audio calibration using DIRAC LIVE ART (Active Room Treatment) The overall result is a room full of controlled energy, clear precise dialogue and a sense of detailed spaciousness that is a true joy to experience.

Hilltop Oasis’s visuals are equally impressive. The micro-perforated 158” CinemaScope Severtson Screen is lit up using one of our favourite projectors, the Sony VPL-XW7000ES 4K SXRD™ Laser projector. This projector always gives plenty of brightness along with vivid and realistic colours and really shines in this room. Video processing is handled by a Lumagen Radiance Pro processor which takes care of aspect ratio switching between 16:9 and CinemaScope content and eliminating on-screen black bars. The Lumagen also gives a deeper level of access to calibration parameters allowing us to perform a far more comprehensive video calibration and deliver a superior image. This in-house Digital Picture video calibration is a service we are truly proud of and is just one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors.

To make this room a seamless experience, all of the Audio Visual equipment is of course installed with meticulous attention to detail into a professional equipment rack and housed out of sight in the rear custom cabinetry. Control of the room is taken care of by a Control4 Smart Home system allowing a single remote to easily control every function of the room including lights and AC.

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