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Best Media Room 2020!
Cedia Award Winner – Best Media Room 2020 Asia Pacific (Level I)

When you’ve had a busy week, there’s nothing better than relaxing in style and comfort in a stunning home cinema room. A home cinema room that perhaps allows you the option of listening to loud music, enjoying the latest movies, a poker table and a fully stocked bar. The Bunker ticks every one of these boxes off.

The Bunker consists of The Krix Pix as front speakers, and these are entirely hidden behind the 174″ acoustically transparent cinemascope screen. Two Cyclonix Passive subwoofers are mounted to the ceiling at midpoints located on the left and rights side of the room. In regards to image, The Bunker also includes a BenQ 4K laser which is also PVA Calibrated by The Digital Picture.

With a 7.2.4 configuration, Krix Megaphonix are used as side surround, and overhead speakers and Megaphonix Centres have been mounted discretely at the back of the cinema room. As for power, The Bunker is guarantee to please with Emotiva and Yamaha amplifiers to power both the speakers and the subwoofers respectively. High quality audio processing is also a must as this provides the ability to bass steering. Thanks to Trinnov, this room is capable of steering the bass frequencies from the surround speakers to their nearest subwoofer. Your favourite concerts have never sounded better with this type of bass, and it delivers a remarkable sound.

With such loud bass, you might be worried about your neighbours or other members within the household, not to worry. The Bunker is built as a concrete shell and it’s fully isolated. You can also have peace of mind knowing you won’t be upsetting anyone outside either. There is no external sound entering the room which gives the proud owner great dynamic range.

Most importantly, every right Bunker deserves a stunning poker table. In this case, the poker table is located behind the main seating making it convenient to use with only a few steps away from the bar. Styled in a light timber finish, this part of the room is contrasted perfectly with a darkened front area of the room.

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