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Project Description

This stunning Gold Coast cinema room was two years in the making. Handling this project from its original conception through to design drawings, then all the way to completion, The Digital Picture is proud of the result.

Our client’s brief was for a space that could seat 40 guests and offer a real commercial cinema feel. Along with this, the client wanted us to make the system simple to operate, with easy access to the latest 4K movie and TV content. To get the power and SPL output required for the large room we decided we needed to partner with the Australian speaker manufacturer Krix. The resulting system does not disappoint.

Home Cinema Features

The audio design consists of a regular Dolby Digital system without height effect channels. Instead, the room has a total of 10 high power, rear surround speaker channels which offer a huge surround field to the entire seating area. The front LCR speakers are large, high output, dual 15″ two-way speaker which gives the system plenty of punch. There are also two dual-18 inch subwoofers carefully placed in the room. Working together, these subwoofers offer fantastic, hard-hitting bass across all seats.

The 40 cinema recliners were all custom made for the project using specially selected high-grade leather. These recliners were optioned with the desired seat height and width. The seat selection was incredibly important in enabling 40 seats to fit in the room as most offerings available were too large for the required amount of seats to fit in the space.

The projection system consists of a large, 6-metre widescreen and a bright 4K commercial projector. Pairing these together allowed the system to meet the industry-standard requirements for image brightness. To allow the very best movie playback quality, a Kaleidescape TERRA movie server was utilised. This system allows playback at a quality similar to that of a commercial cinema room.

Rather than having home theatre options in their own residence, the residents of this resort can use this room at all times of the day. With an array of 4K content available, residents will never need to leave the resort to visit their local commercial cinema. This room really does have that “big cinema” feel and does not disappoint.

If you are looking to build your own home cinema and would like a system that really rocks the room with amazing sound and visuals, please contact us today to discuss your options.

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