Masters Enclave

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Project Description


Nestled amongst the mountainous terrain of the Gold Coast hinterland. This cinema features a brilliantly bright native 4k laser projector and an immersive 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos surround sound system, making it the perfect Enclave for any Master.

The original layout of the room was a connecting space between two main areas of the house, the kitchen and the master bedroom.  This meant that a wall needed to be built at the rear of the room to create a hallway joining these 3 rooms and to seal the Cinema.

Featuring a powerful Gold audio system from Triad Loudspeakers. The 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos surround sound system provides an impressive level of performance when combined with the 800w and 400w per channel Sunfire power amplifiers.

The Storm Audio Core 16 audio processor was selected for this home theatre as it provides unrivaled levels of sound quality and audio tunability. This audio processor allows for superb bass management and room calibration through Dirac Live.

Best User Experience

Ensuring the best possible all round viewing experience, whether standard TV sized or cinemascope content, a custom 2.10:1 aspect ratio 143″ micro perforated projection screen and Lumagen Radiance Pro video processor were used. This allows both 16:9 and 2.4:1 content to be played without black bars. The 16:9 content is played using Non-linear stretch function with no visible distortion to the image. Cinemascope content easily fits the screen using custom sizing and cropping settings within the Lumagen.

Control over AV equipment and wireless lighting within the space is managed through a Control4 system. The touchscreen NEEO remote allows for source selection, aspect ratio control and lighting scenes to be activated through the press of a button.

Premium leather cinema recliners, custom timber feature bulkhead and cashmere carpet provide this space with the ultimate luxurious feel.

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Home Theatre Design

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