Acreage RetreaT

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Project Description

Hidden away in the rolling hills of the outer suburbs of Brisbane, the Acreage Retreat home theatre is the perfect room to escaping from the busy city.

Featuring a powerful Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 speaker system, Sony 4k HDR projection paired with an anamorphic lens allows this system to project a perfect cinemascope image onto the 141” high gain, micro-perforated screen.

Audio System

The Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 Audio System in this room features Theory Audio Design for the main soundstage in the room providing digital active speakers to the front LCR, surround and back surround. Triad on ceiling speakers have been utilized for the Atmos channel in the room as well as 2 Triad Gold 15” subwoofers.

This room has been designed to be elegant and simple. 2 rows of custom Australian designed leather seats all with motorized headrests have been included. The front row features a 3 seater setting with chase seats on either side. The back row consists of 5 matching reclining seats.

Acoustically transparent curtains cover the back and side walls, hiding the surround speakers and an array of acoustic absorbers and 3D diffuser. This gives this room a very elegant feel without effecting the audio quality. An LED backlight bulkhead beautifully highlights the four Atmos speakers and acoustic treatments on the ceiling.

A Control4 automation system has been included in this room to allow for simple and sleek control of all equipment and lighting. Control4 lighting pucks were used to allow the system to connect to the existing light circuits.

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