New Tech in a
Traditional Home

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Project Description

This project was a very exciting one. The homeowner has been a long time customer of The Digital Picture, having already completed 2 homes with us.

The design brief was simple…… it has to sound great, be loud with heaps of bass and no speakers or cables can be visible. No problem!

The entertainment cabinet was designed from the ground up to incorporate all of the AV equipment, amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers and cabling while allowing for easy access for servicing. The whole cabinet is on hidden castors and can be moved easily out from the wall. We also allowed for plenty of ventilation for the components inside.

On top of the cabinet is a 64inch HD 3D Plasma, which has been fully ISF calibrated for the very best picture quality.

Inside the cabinet houses the goodies. A full home theatre system including a 7x200watt power amplifier, Integra surround sound processor, 3 James front speakers, 2 James 10-inch Subwoofers, 1000w Subwoofer Amplifier, Integra Blu-ray player, custom designed media pc, Playstation3, RTI Control Processor and more. This system really rocks!

Experience the finest

After meeting with you, we develop exclusive designs that will maximise the performance of your home theatre system and complement your individual style. Our full suite of engineering, architecture, interior design and installation services streamlines the process, ensuring we are able to maintain your vision from first concepts through to completion.