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Home Theatre Design
Project Description
Recently completed Brisbane Home Theatre System

This project has won us numerous awards within the custom audiovisual industry such as Best Media Room above AUD $30,000 in the Cedia Electronic Lifestyle Awards 2014 and also “Highly Commended” for Best Home Theatre in Australia in the 2014 Sound and Vision Magazine Awards. This fantastic home theatre was installed for our Brisbane client in early 2014.

The client came to us with a simple yet difficult request, design a room that will provide a powerful cinema experience but be able to work well within the poker room and bar areas and provide an excellent picture and clear audio to those areas other than the primary seating area. High-quality movie and music playback was important. Sound isolation was also important as the house was built on a narrow block with close neighbours. The client was very specific that movie playback at high SPL must not be heard outside of the house.

Image quality was important so we started out with a Sim2 Nero 3D DLP projector and Xeit optics lens. This enabled us to create a very large, bright and accurate 2.37:1 image at 140 inches wide. The Sim2 projector allowed for ISF calibration, which gave the client the exacting image quality that they had in mind.

As the client did not want to see any speakers, we supplied an acoustically transparent screen and a custom made screen wall frame to hide the front LCR speakers, subwoofer and the acoustic absorption panels fixed to the front wall.

For this project, we worked together with Wavetrain Cinemas to design the system. Sound accuracy, SPL and bass output were important factors so a trio of large Triad Gold LCR speakers was used behind the screen with a 12inch Triad Silver subwoofer. Another 12-inch Triad sub was located in the wall at the rear of the room to help provide even bass response across all listening positions. By locating each sub above and below the centre axis of the room, the bass response was powerful and even across the seats and poker table area. To give the front stage some punch, an Acurus power amplifier was used which provided 300watts RMS to each of the front speakers. This allowed the system to peak at levels between 105-110dB for transient effects during movies, which put a smile on the clients face.

Home Theatre Design

The Denon AVR-4520 receiver has Audyssey XT32 processing built-in, which allowed us to offer a professional level sound calibration for all speakers plus both subwoofers for all of the main listening positions.

The poker table area was also of importance for music playback at lower levels so we selected a full range Triad silver angled in-ceiling satellite speaker for use as the rear surround speakers. This allowed for good quality music playback and sports playback in 7ch stereo without the need to have the front channels playing too loud during casual use such as watching sporting events while playing cards.

Overall, the system performs without hesitation.

The best time to plan home theatre like this one is before you begin construction on your new home or renovation. This will allow us to get all of the fine details just right, without any restriction. The Digital Picture creates wonderful rooms just like this for our clients across Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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After meeting with you, we develop exclusive designs that will maximise the performance of your home theatre system and complement your individual style. Our full suite of engineering, architecture, interior design and installation services streamlines the process, ensuring we are able to maintain your vision from first concepts through to completion.